Fairy Tale Productions

In the story book stage shows of Superstar Productions, Tiki the kangaroo emphasizes the importance of reading when she reads different story book tales to her baby Joey. These programs are not only excellent for Libraries. Theaters and City events, They also are ideal for Public schools with their educational value and Sunshine State Standards.
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Our Productions Include these SEAS Standards:
  • LA.B.2.1.4--chronological/ sequential order
  • LA.E.1.1.2-- identifies characters & character relation
  • LA.A.1.1.4--increased comprehension by reexamining the story
  • LA.E.2.2.1--cause & effect
  • DA.B.1.1.1-- gestures & movement to create meaning
  • TH.D.1.1.4-- theater communicating events of every day life.
Team Nutrition:

Team Nutrition consists of Five acrobatic super heroes each representing the five different food groups. Our Super heroes stress the importance of using the Food Pyramid as a roadmap to help guide them down their path to a healthier lifestyle. They offer lots of steps, tips and advice to help children eat healthfully and be physically active. This spectacular 30 minutes show is followed by a question and answer session.