Tiki's Jack & The Beanstalk

Tiki the kangaroo emphasizes the importance of reading as she narrates this tale to her baby Joey while our cast acts out the show. Jack is forced to stop pursuing his life's dreams when his mother asks him to sell his cow for money to help feed his family. Much to her dismay he trades his cow for some magic beans which she throws away. A huge beanstalk grows from the beans up to the sky where a wealthy, greedy giant man lives with an imprisoned golden harp. When Jack tries to free the harp the giant angrily tries to capture him. Luckily, Jack is able to save the day with a twist of fate in our surprise ending as our characters dance, sing and interact with our audiences.
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Grade: K-2
Curriculum: Music/Theater
Standards: LA.A.1.1.4, LA.E.1.1.1, LA.E.1.1.2, TH.C.1.1.1, TH.D.1.1.4
FCAT Topic: Reading/Language Arts

The activities implemented in the theatrical portion of Tiki's Jack and the Beanstalk are seen when Tiki our kangaroo emphasizes the importance of reading to her baby, Joey. They discuss reading books and how much baby Joey enjoys it. If our fun characters enjoy reading then that message can be conveyed to our play goers to enjoy and encourage reading as well. The show portrays life's lessons to be learned through out the performance by our characters actions on stage. For example, in Jack in the Beanstalk Jack does whatever it takes to make his life's ambition become successful while still helping out his family. We plan to teach this and other life's lessons through the silliness of our character's behavior on stage while they entertain with song & dance. Students will absorb such important practices through laughter in a fun, exciting, magical style.